How to recognize progress when you feel “stuck”

Progress is a key motivating factor in all things goal oriented.  It’s why when we’re trying to get to work on time and we get stuck in unexpected traffic, we get mad.  Or when you’re eating like a baby rabbit and you don’t lose a pound you go back to eating crap.

But wait.  Progress is also really hard to recognize. Progress is within the eye of the Beholder. I know, I sound so poetic. But let me explain.  It depends on your goals and how you see it that makes it progress.

I’ll use myself as an example.  When I first started my journey in health and fitness, I honestly thought the measure of my progress was how far/fast I could run and how skinny and weightless I could get myself.  Would some of you agree with this?  I am totally not saying that being skinny and fast isn’t a good fitness goal!  No no no.  What I’m saying is that it wasn’t the right goal for ME.  For someone who’s a marathoner, being fast and being able to run far is paramount in the sport of running (I believe).  Being skinny and weightless would be optimal in ballet (right?).  None of those were what I wanted to aspire to.  So then, what did I want????

My first night meeting my then trainer Jon (who introduced me to Crossfit), he asked me what one word would I like to use to describe myself after I’ve accomplished my “goal” in health and fitness.  After some careful thinking (I didn’t expect this type of open-ended questions) I said “BEAST”.  As soon as I said it, I got clammy and hot.  I was so scared of this trainer! He made my previous personal trainer nervous!  When we worked out and saw him, he was doing handstand pushups and throwing weights around.  Like holy shit now he’s MY trainer!!!!!!  Anyways, that was a year and a half ago.  It’s kind of crazy now that I train with him! *that’s PROGRESS!*

My goals have changed.  And along with it, I’ve learned to recognize progress better.  I’d like to share those!!!

1) Your scale is stupid.  Throw the thing away.  I’m at 138# wearing a size 0/2.  I was the same weight about 6 months ago wearing a size 4/6.  Makes no sense. I weighed this much in College (10 years ago thankyouverymuch) and I was a size 8/10.  What did I learn? I only use the scale to weigh my luggage when I’m packing for a trip. Now don’t get me wrong, I went on this thing twice a day EVERY DAY a year ago. Your clothes and the way they fit is also a great way but stupid way all at the same time.  Clothes get old and start to fit terrible too.

2) Pictures don’t lie.  That’s why they’re so embarrassing.  That’s why you’ve untagged yourself in all your friends’ photos (those assholes!).  And that’s why now, as you’re seeing progress, you’re much more of a camera whore.  If not, you will be.  Trust me.  You will not recognize yourself sometimes. So take lots of photos, even if you don’t want to.  It will come handy later when you compare it to your current progress.

3) Progress needs to be recorded.  A PR (personal record) is such a strong tool to use, yet not a lot of people care to use it.  I get it.  It’s time consuming to write things down.  But seriously, it’s so motivating!  I still have a book from a year and a half ago.  I had workouts in there written with how I felt after them. Like three rounds of squats to overhead with 10 pound weights (better known as thrusters), 10 pushups, and 10 jumping pullups.  I used to DIE at these types of workouts like OMG you want me to do 30 each of those moves?? WTF???   Now? They’re nothing! Nothing compared to what I now do normally.  Here’s another great example of a PR.  The first time I ran a 5k I did it in 37 minutes.  That day I went home, showered and napped all day and barely could walk for days afterwards.      Two weekends ago, I not only did a 5K, I did three different wods (Crossfit workouts) that same day.  I did handstand pushups, 185# deadlifts, and gymnastic ring pullups with 125# front squats.  I still felt like napping and was sore but nothing to write home about.

4) Which reminds me.  Hitting performance goals is my favorite way to measure progress.  How much faster, stronger, and better you are at something you did before is super motivating.  Like that three rounds of thrusters, pushups and pullups? I can do 75# thrusters and kipping pullups now.  Progress!!!

5) Your mental clarity is progress.  Are you addicted to working out? Do you enjoy your workouts? Do you feel more awake? Alive? Do you feel more energized? Do you feel like you can rule the world when you’re done with your workout???? NO?  Well geez.  Must be just me then.  But I used to DREAD working out. I even had nightmares about them. Now, it is my sanity.  I need to go six days a week.  On the seventh day, I watch workout videos.  I know, I have issues.  That’s a separate blog entry.

6) Stop being such a fucking baby.  If you still make excuses about how busy you are, how much work you have to do, how there is not enough time/money/motivation in the day… grow the f#%& up.  Today, I discovered that someone that attends my box is having his leg amputated.  Despite years of chronic pain and illness, a busy job, and I’m sure an equally busy life, he still makes it to Crossfit.  And still plans on coming after his surgery.  Another member recently had a brain tumor removed.  She is 20 years older than I am and can do strict pull-ups.  Stop being so whinny.  No one is impressed with how good your excuses are.  How old are you? That’s how long you’ve been babying yourself.  Break time is over kids.  Go do some work.  That’s progress. When you stop giving yourself a fucking break.

Okay, enough progress talk.  Here’s a photo a caption that explains my favorite measure of progress – getting stronger.  One day closer to being a BEAST!!!

This was taken back in October 2012. Grace is 30 Clean and Jerks with 95#. Back then I did Grace at 75# and finished at 5:30. In May 2012, I finally stepped it up to 95# and finished at 6:55.

This was taken back in October 2012. Grace is 30 Clean and Jerks with 95#. Back then I did Grace at 75# and finished at 5:30. In May 2012, I finally stepped it up to 95# and finished at 6:55.  Today, 3 months later, I finished at 5:48 with the 95# RX weight. In three months, I’d like to do it again and finish under 4:30.  

08-27-12This was back in August 2012.  It was the very first time I threw 95# about my head.  I felt light-headed when I put the weight down that first time. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my throat.  As soon as I was done. I wanted to do it again but could only do it three times that night.  I felt the same light-headed, giddy in the heart feeling today.  Only I lifted 95# twenty-seven more times today. PROGRESS!!!! 

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There are no words!

Fitness is such a tough journey.  It is absolutely frustrating and confusing for anyone on the quest to be fit and healthy.  In order to “find myself”, I had to break myself down and experiment.

I tried Pilates.  I tried to run. I tried vegan. I tried vegetarian. I tried episcatarian.  I tried liquid dieting. I tried six-times-a-day-eating.  I tried starving. I tried shakes. I tried juices.  I would go on a no-carb diet.  Then a no-red-meat diet. Then a water till the cows come home diet. GAHHHHHHH!  I tried a LOT!

Can you imagine what it’s like to be my friend? Can you picture me digging out my vegan hotdogs during the bbq potluck at the beach alongside the cow-enduced weiners? How about making an extra side dish that’s “approved” for my diet of the month?  Do you have a friend that listens to you when you’re crying your eyes out in frustration? Have you ever had a friend that didn’t judge you for only being vegetarian temporarily? Only to welcome you back with a big slab of prime rib?  What about a friend who tells you that she is proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished, with every sincerity from her heart?

I hope you’re as lucky to have a friend like mine.  If it wasn’t for Tina, I wouldn’t know what real friendship meant.  Aside from being my biggest cheerleader, she still makes fun of me for being obsessed about Crossfit.  She will still call me out when I’m ridiculous about food.  She has yet to tell me to shut the f### up about my PRs.  She doesn’t frown at me when I tell her I workout at 6AM on a Saturday.  She doesn’t roll her eyes at my Instagram paleo photos.  She is just that.  A great, and truly wonderful friend.  I could go on and on about her.  But there is almost no words to describe how much she means to me as a friend.

I hope you’re as luck to have a friend like mine! ❤

My bestie and I

My bestie and I

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Never kick a girl when she’s down… especially when that girl is you!

So I had an OBNOXIOUS birthday celebration.  When I say obnoxious, I mean ridiculous for someone my age.  Thirty-two thankyouverymuch.  I can’t tell if people are trying to be polite or sarcastic when they say I look good for my age.  What the fuck? I mean, is 32 supposed to look like something I’m not?

My niece Noe and I

My niece Noe and I

Well anyways.  I’m getting distracted.  Do you see that amazing cake? Yeah well that’s only one of the MANY amazing things that I ate on my birthday.  Red velvet never felt so naughty!!!!  And let me tell you it wasn’t just cake and ice cream.  I’m talking wine, beer, shots, martinis, mojitos and tons more of things that I am too ashamed to list. Ok fine I’ll tell you.  Dim sum. Rice. Pasta. Bread. Cheese. Ummm… pretty much anything you put in front of me because “it’s my birthday” sort of excuse.  I went all out people! The celebration ranged from a pool-side potluck, a bbq family dinner, a martini lounge, a farm to table bistro (hey, it was paleo), a dim sum dive, and a five star restaurant.  I went BIG.  I basically celebrated like it was my last birthday. Hey, you never know these things.

As amazing as the celebration was (it was like a week-long), it really was over-shadowed by the following days of feeling shame, grief and absolute guilt.  I mean lets be honest, one cheat meal doesn’t ruin a diet. But a week of eating badly?

But wait! There’s more!

That week opened Pandora’s box.  I really haven’t recovered since then!  Yes, I know it’s the 12th of June.  Thanks for checking your calendar.  That’s twelve days of eating like shit.  Ok maybe not every meal but a MAJORITY of everything I’ve eaten has been definitely what I’d hashtag as FAILEOS.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, definitely not make it worst by kicking herself while she’s down. (OMG, am I seriously referring to myself in the third person?)  I realized the other day as I stood in front of the mirror inspecting my belly and giving myself dirty looks that I needed to stop slamming myself.  I often forget how far I’ve come.  I’m sure many of us do that to ourselves.  So many days it’s easy to feel down and frustrated.  That’s sooooo much easier than picking yourself up and giving yourself a motivating speech.  That takes work.  That takes some perseverance.  And some days, you just want to whine and bitch peacefully.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been trying to pick myself up for days!  Today I was all set up to win.  I ate a great breakfast, packed myself a great lunch to bring to work.  Right when my class began the unthinkable happened.  I completely forgot my Assistant ordered fucking donuts. (Note to self: tell Assistant to stop ordering motherfucking donuts!)  I felt like my heart stopped when I saw that box.  Well OF COURSE I ATE ONE!  Hell, I didn’t even EAT my fucking lunch. I had the stupid panini sandwiches that were ordered for my class. Paninis with butter, cheese, lots of bread…. *rolls eyes*.  Oh it gets better.  I ate the cookies that came with the lunch.  And some dark chocolate.  Like holy fuck what did I just do to myself!!! LOL

I learned quite a lot about myself after all of this gorging.  Yes there are always lessons to be learned so read on.

Even when you plan, you will sometimes fail.  And that’s ok.  Case in point, my perfectly paleo lunch that was pre-packed.

Shit does not taste the same.  Seriously.  I kept looking for that familiar orgasmic pleasure in my mouth. Okay that was a little TMI but you know what I mean.  I think that’s why I kept eating so crappy. My craving was never satitated.  I kept eating different things to try and ignite that pleasure.  Never came.  Instead I had bad sugar headaches and a bloated tummy [insert dirty looks at self in the mirror].

Failure isn’t permanent and life-altering.  Although my eating was not up to par I still went on with my life like a proper adult. I still went to work. I kept up with my workouts.  Even had time to dog-sit. Although I felt like a failure I still was able to function properly in other parts of my life.  Guess I was a little dramatic huh?

You become so much more aware of your weaknesses when you fail.  Seriously.  I learned that I really can’t say no to chocolate.  The satiety didn’t come until I had dark chocolate (after my fat kid eating festival of course).  Can you believe that shit? I should have just had the stupid dark chocolate things to begin with.  Wasted calories!!!

The sum of small victories is equal to STRENGTH.  I know.  Super corny.  But it’s so true.  I remember the first time I lost my 1st pound. I barely cracked a smile.  I was like “well I probably just shit that out”.  Even some days when I look back at some victories I quickly say “yeah but I could have done better”.  Oh trust me, I do that ALL THE TIME.  You’re a liar if you say you never do that.  But hey, if you ever listed ALL of your victories side by side…. I’m sure I made my point.  Not babying yourself takes work.  Being honest with yourself isn’t fun.  Doing what is hard and uncomfortable is DEDICATION.  Those are things to be proud of!!

So enough of that.  I really do feel better (although I’m still in a sugar crash).  But I’m looking forward to getting back on my regular food, doing my regular routine, and being my regular neurotic self.  Here’s another visual to drive my point.

I know exactly how she feels!!

I know exactly how she feels!!



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Losing weight isn’t supposed to be easy… but it’s also NOT impossible

I can’t believe I’m now at a place where people are asking ME for advice about food, health and fitness.  Like crazyballs!  What?! You want MY advice? You think I’m inspirational? #blushing
Then of course you have the other side of that spectrum.  One that didn’t exist before that I now get surprised with.  The non-believer.  The one that narrow their eyes in doubt.  The “you mean all you do is eat clean? Like what is that?” sort of inquisitions.  I’ve never been shot such a dirty look of “why are you eating that!? That’s not allowed on clean eating!?”

Like holy shit did someone just call the Fitness Police? Arrest me.  I’ve been a bad girl.  I believe in wine with friends.  Sharing a frozen yogurt on a hot Sunday.  A lazy day of nothing but vegging out on the couch reading gossip magazines and watching really bad reality tv.
I am not all Crossfit, paleo, eat clean train dirty 24/7!  Like geez I have a full time job.  Every day feels like a lazy day for me.  I still bow to the power of the Chocolate gods.  I still get hammered with friends.  I’m human for crying out loud!

So I struggle like everyone else! If you’re new to my blog or haven’t really known me long, I understand.  Losing all 70… yes SEVENTY… pounds was TOUGH.  It was no freaking rainbows and unicorns people let me tell you.  I had my share of mental breakdowns in the dressing rooms at malls.  Blowing off friends because I felt fat and couldn’t get myself to leave the house.  Self-conscious and humiliated at the gym.  Envious of my skinny friends.  And I love and hated food so much.

But I did what everyone else that have achieved this level have all said.  Eating clean and training hard.  I get the craziest range of looks and reactions when I say that. “Like really? That’s all you did? You didn’t do like Shakeology? No OxyElitePro pills? Hydroxycut? Cayenne and Blackpepper detox? Celery for five days??? What???”  Well yes I tried some of those. None of them worked.  In fact, I felt FATTER.  Don’t do it.  Biggest waste of money EVER.

Anyways, the reason why I’m writing this is I’ve been humbled by the floods of emails, messages and reactions of how my weight change has inspired some people.  Truly I’m humbled.  I also wanted to address the opposite of the spectrum that don’t believe such change and transformation is possible in anyone, never mind just myself.

Transformations are first mind before body.  Lucky for me I’ve always had a great support system of my boyfriend, the few good friends I choose, and the great workout environment I’ve acclimated into.  Once I was willing to change my attitude, my body followed.

That doesn’t mean the same can’t be done for anyone else.  I know it’s overwhelming to think of where you’d like to go.  Like holy shit I didn’t even think 70 pounds was POSSIBLE!  I wish I had taken a picture of the scale the morning I weighed in at 203#.  The shame I felt that morning was so deep I feel it still to this day.

It took one day at a time.  One meal at a time.  One workout at a time.  One freaking pound at a time.  I feel like I can relate it to a half marathon (since I’ve only done those).  Thirteen miles is so daunting.  At the start line all you think is shit, this is going to suck.  But after the first mile you’re like, alright I got this.  Mile three you’re like, I need to pee.  Mile five, are we done yet? Mile seven, ok this is getting hard.  Mile ten, holy cow are we there yet? Mile twelve, ONE MORE MILE!  Mile thirteen, let’s do another half marathon ya’ll!!!  lol

So for anyone that’s doubting themselves.  Psh.  No worry chicken curry.  Erase the doubt, believe in yourself first before anything else.  Hell, if a whinny lazy gal like me can do it, ANYONE can.

For anyone else that doubts that anyone is capable of such an amazing transformation, keep calm and shut the fuck up.


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Hi my name is Koyu, and I can’t shut up about Crossfit

When my “Get Fit” journey started in 2011 I definitely did not imagine that Crossfit would be in the books for me.  I imagined spending weekends hiking, a couple of runs, and maybe some pilates.  I thought my diet would also be a consistent plathera of salads, tofu and fake meat.  I imagined that fit was delicate and thin.  The only accessories that I felt was required for an active lifestyle was a water bottle and a yoga mat.

Fast forward to 2013 my diet consists of avocados, eggs and coconut milk.    Accessories include wrist wraps, liquid chalk and knee high socks.  The only yoga pose I’m pretty sure I do is a cobra and handstand.  And my weekends are definitely spent doing high intensity workouts that barely include running.

I reveal all of this now after my 3rd half marathon.  I have done for the past year and a half a lot of races.  Some were awful.  Most were triumphant.  My last 10K was a personal best of 1:06.  Today’s half was at 2:36 – which last I checked, a whole hour PR.  I am floored.  I am floored on the crazy improvement in timing since last year September.  And from not running AT ALL.

Just Crossfit.  Eating paleo, lifting heavy, and Crossfit 2X a week.  I wonder what it would be like if I went to Crossfit more than twice a week….!  Yikes, I’m a little scared about that thought.

In a way, I feel very much at home at Crossfit East Oahu.  There aren’t any mirrors except for the ones in the bathrooms.  The only TVs display either Crossfit Games footage or the timer.  And everyone is amazing.  Whether it’s their first day at Crossfit or second year.  They are all amazing.  I feel very lucky to have found something that not only do I enjoy doing, but has made me absolutely love my body.

Physically I feel way more fit.  I have broken my addiction to the scale.  I went from weighing myself nearly every day to once a month.  I no longer obsess on whether something is paleo or not.  I still think about working out every day, every hour even in my sleep – but have now scaled to only working out four times a week instead of six days a week.  I feel strong. I feel like a machine.  I feel like a beast.  And I am elated that it’s only the beginning.

After a partner wod 2/14/13

After a partner wod 2/14/13

13.1 Crossfit wod w/Corey

13.1 Crossfit wod w/Corey

HPH group

Girl’s Day run with the CFEO ladies 03/13


Handstand in Lanikai post 10K run – felt awesome after my run’s PR

Warrior Dash CFEO

I Crossfit with these guys (the ones with abs) – Warrior Dash 2013

Warrior Dash Kanoe

CFEO idol – she is amazing. This is pre-Warrior Dash 2013

This is the NEW 13.1.  I did this wod twice.  First time was at 112 reps.  Second time I went up to 123 reps.

This is the NEW 13.1. I did this wod twice. First time was at 112 reps. Second time I went up to 123 reps.

CFEO Cristy

Cristy is amazing. I love wodding with her!


Back in 2012 I had no idea that these hands were only a taste of what was to come.

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OMG have you been eating?… and other common questions

“Holy crap, have you been eating?”

“OMG you’re so skinny now!”

“What have you been eating?”

“You lost a ton of weight didn’t  you!?”

“You’re disappearing!”

I guess now when I look at before and after pictures I see what they’re talking about.  To date I’ve lost 70 lbs. and 12 dress sizes. I still can’t believe what a year and a half has done.  Time has flown! But it has been forever – does that make sense!? I mean I look back I don’t feel like it took me forever to get here; but the sacrifices and push that got me here made it drag.

I can just tell you what I’ve been eating and doing as far as working out.  Most people after I tell them what I do are pretty quick to say “Oh I can’t do that” and “that’s it? no pills, no shakes, no fasting?”.  I’m going to begin by saying, what I did and am currently doing is not for everyone.  I don’t believe fitness regime are a one size fits all sort of deal.  I believe you should find what you love and give it all you got.  So without further delay here you go:

1) Eat Clean.  It is SO TRUE that it’s 80% diet.  People just talk about how they work out super hard so they can eat whatever the hell they want.  That’s why people are still fat. Sorry.  If you clean up your diet, you will see immediate results.  Well, in my case I did right away. If my “diet” had to have a name, it would be called paleo.  Paleo is simply eating  nutrient-dense food that excludes grains, legumes, dairy and sugar.  So no rice for this die-hard Asian.  When I do, it’s sushi baby!  And no cream and sugar so it’s black coffee and Americanos (most of the time).  Now I had my share of “meatless Mondays” of forking lettuce and dipping my fork in dressing. That was TORTURE.  I still can’t say that didn’t help me.  I love salads now. I get insanely excited at the produce section.  I eat veggies in every single meal I have.  If not, it’s primarily protein.  Minimal salt. And almost to none in sugar.  I don’t feel deprived or starved because every once in awhile I still “cheat”.  But even then it was always an easy bounce back to “clean” eating.

2) Train Insane.  Well that other 20% better not be spent on the gym floor Facebooking and “stretching”.  If you’re going to do a workout – whether that be Zumba, running, lifting, walking – OWN IT.  Make it your bitch! For crying out loud do it and do it like your life depends on it! And then, try something harder! I used to spend days begrudgingly dragging myself on the elliptical trainer, running on the treadmill, doing multiple arm curls with 5 pound dumb bells.  What a waste of valuable Koyu time!  Hey, that was all I knew back then!  And I’m sure for many, it’s still all they know. After getting a personal trainer, reading more online, and surrounding myself with more “fitspos” I now think about working out all the time. I still dread it! Come on! I’m not insane!  I still have to drag my ass to the gym! I still give my alarm dirty looks! I still have to give myself pep talks!  But I love Crossfit, lifting weights, and yes, even a run.  Whatever it is you do, PUSH.

3) Find your Daily Dose of Motivation.  It’s still Pinterest for me. And Tumblr. And now Instagram.  Daily dose of motivation comes from everyone! From a new athlete to a ultra-athlete I love following all of them!  From their food posts, their daily rants, to workout plans – I love it!  You should get on it too!

4) Dispel the MYTH.  Women shouldn’t lift heavy. The only way to lose weight is to do massive cardio.  Take ten pills (fill in said pills here) a day to supplement your diet.  Cleans with cucumbers and cayenne four five days.  Don’t eat past 6PM.  Eat five times a day. I mean, for real, do any of these sound logical? Never mind common sense – common sense is not common.  These were all things I used to believe in!  I followed them RELIGIOUSLY.  Until I found out for myself by just trying them.  I don’t know, maybe it’s the rebel in me.  But I lift so heavy I scare the shit out of my own self. The heavier I lifted, the faster I dropped weight and got leaner.  I take only Omega 3 fish oil – no multi-vitamins, water pills, green tea pills… shenanigans.  I do cleanses! It’s called “eat real food” cleanse where you don’t eat anything that came in a bag! I eat past 8PM nearly every night because I don’t even get home by 7PM and it takes a minute to cook something to eat!  I can’t possibly eat five meals a day. Are you kidding me? Do you have a job? I do, and trust me, if I could eat that many times before getting home it would happen.

5) Educate yourself.  And Question EVERYTHING.  Even fitness magazines are full of shit.  Hell, I had three different personal fitness trainers and they all told me different things about food!  Don’t take everything as truth.  Try it out, read about it, Google it, dispel it.  There is no other way to LEARN and LIVE a fit life.  Right?

Okay.  Don’t take everything I just told you.  I mean, results speak for themselves.  Here are my results. I’ll let you be the judge.


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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

That could really apply to anything in life.  Every time I hear it, I think about health and fitness.  Of course since it’s New Year’s Day I want to of course recompile my list of things I want to work on this year.  I also like looking back at last year and see where the year has taken me.  There has been so many ups and down this year!  Ups were the races, Crossfit, the trips, and seeing friends and family.  The downs were stress at work, at home and with the health and passing of others.

As my list is still compiling, I wanted to share what I used this year to get me where I am today.

1) Good workout clothes.  It’s amazing what a good workout bra, compression pants, and a trucker hat can do for you.

2) A running belt.  I have three but use one that doesn’t have bottles attached to it.  That one I use everyday at the gym listening to music.  I hate having things hang on my arms especially if I’m running, rowing or lifting weights.

3) Nalgene 32 oz bottle.  I carry one everyday and refill it multiple times.  Just drink more water!

4) Tupperware and recyclable bags.  I carry lunch to work every day and it has saved me not only money but lots of wasted calories.

5) Properly fitted athletic shoes.  Not the ones you buy at a department discount store.  I’ve have a pair of Underarmour shoes for Crossfit and lifting, while my Brooks I use for my runs.  They have each lasted me at least a year.

6) Food log.  I used to use a small notebook and wrote on it religiously.  Then I started to slack off and forgot where my max weights were.  So now I use a weekly planner where I log my workouts, my food and my goal for the week.  I predict there will be some angry faces, smiley faces and hearts somewhere in there.

7) Motivation.  Find it.  You will need it every day. Maybe even multiple times a day.  I know I need it a lot.  Lately it’s been Instagram.  I’m inspired and motivated every day by other fitness fanatics who post their food, their workout and their progress pictures.

8) Accountability.  Whether that’s a personal trainer, a walking buddy, a running group or a Crossfit gym.  Do it.  You are more likely to be accountable for yourself if you have someone else that you need to show up for.  It worked for me.



05-2011 vs 12-2012

I guess if I have anything else to add I would say “have fun” and “don’t be afraid” but even I need to take my own advice.  I get scared easily and I only do “fun” things that I know I’ll be good at.  I hope this year to fear less and add more things to my “fun” list.  Cheers to you and your adventure in the new year!

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