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How to recognize progress when you feel “stuck”

Progress is a key motivating factor in all things goal oriented.  It’s why when we’re trying to get to work on time and we get stuck in unexpected traffic, we get mad.  Or when you’re eating like a baby rabbit … Continue reading

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There are no miracle pills… unless you count fish oil pills

I’ve been getting so many comments lately about my eating, body/size, and fitness regime. People seem even more inquisitive when I say I eat a shitload of food, I don’t run miles every day, and best of all, I lift … Continue reading

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You are worth it – Your future self will thank you

Gosh if I could just travel back in time and tell myself how grateful I am. It’s been a year.  Maybe I’m off by a few days. But I remember it all started with Europe.  Taking tons of pictures and … Continue reading

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Six more sleeps till another half marathon

OMG can I just tell you how freaking scared I am? Yeah – six days before another 13.1 madness and I’m fucking scared shitless!!! LOL Anyways nothing I can do about it other than show up and make it happen … Continue reading

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Lots of PRs… lots of pressure

I don’t know about you but PRs are a lot of pressure.  It means after you hit it, you can’t ever go below that PR without feeling some sort of guilt.  Whether you’re lazy, sick, having an off day… you … Continue reading

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Woaw… where did April go!?

Well whatever happened, I did work! My thoughts prior to this 175# dl… “this is my deadlift, bitches!”

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