Losing weight isn’t supposed to be easy… but it’s also NOT impossible

I can’t believe I’m now at a place where people are asking ME for advice about food, health and fitness.  Like crazyballs!  What?! You want MY advice? You think I’m inspirational? #blushing
Then of course you have the other side of that spectrum.  One that didn’t exist before that I now get surprised with.  The non-believer.  The one that narrow their eyes in doubt.  The “you mean all you do is eat clean? Like what is that?” sort of inquisitions.  I’ve never been shot such a dirty look of “why are you eating that!? That’s not allowed on clean eating!?”

Like holy shit did someone just call the Fitness Police? Arrest me.  I’ve been a bad girl.  I believe in wine with friends.  Sharing a frozen yogurt on a hot Sunday.  A lazy day of nothing but vegging out on the couch reading gossip magazines and watching really bad reality tv.
I am not all Crossfit, paleo, eat clean train dirty 24/7!  Like geez I have a full time job.  Every day feels like a lazy day for me.  I still bow to the power of the Chocolate gods.  I still get hammered with friends.  I’m human for crying out loud!

So I struggle like everyone else! If you’re new to my blog or haven’t really known me long, I understand.  Losing all 70… yes SEVENTY… pounds was TOUGH.  It was no freaking rainbows and unicorns people let me tell you.  I had my share of mental breakdowns in the dressing rooms at malls.  Blowing off friends because I felt fat and couldn’t get myself to leave the house.  Self-conscious and humiliated at the gym.  Envious of my skinny friends.  And I love and hated food so much.

But I did what everyone else that have achieved this level have all said.  Eating clean and training hard.  I get the craziest range of looks and reactions when I say that. “Like really? That’s all you did? You didn’t do like Shakeology? No OxyElitePro pills? Hydroxycut? Cayenne and Blackpepper detox? Celery for five days??? What???”  Well yes I tried some of those. None of them worked.  In fact, I felt FATTER.  Don’t do it.  Biggest waste of money EVER.

Anyways, the reason why I’m writing this is I’ve been humbled by the floods of emails, messages and reactions of how my weight change has inspired some people.  Truly I’m humbled.  I also wanted to address the opposite of the spectrum that don’t believe such change and transformation is possible in anyone, never mind just myself.

Transformations are first mind before body.  Lucky for me I’ve always had a great support system of my boyfriend, the few good friends I choose, and the great workout environment I’ve acclimated into.  Once I was willing to change my attitude, my body followed.

That doesn’t mean the same can’t be done for anyone else.  I know it’s overwhelming to think of where you’d like to go.  Like holy shit I didn’t even think 70 pounds was POSSIBLE!  I wish I had taken a picture of the scale the morning I weighed in at 203#.  The shame I felt that morning was so deep I feel it still to this day.

It took one day at a time.  One meal at a time.  One workout at a time.  One freaking pound at a time.  I feel like I can relate it to a half marathon (since I’ve only done those).  Thirteen miles is so daunting.  At the start line all you think is shit, this is going to suck.  But after the first mile you’re like, alright I got this.  Mile three you’re like, I need to pee.  Mile five, are we done yet? Mile seven, ok this is getting hard.  Mile ten, holy cow are we there yet? Mile twelve, ONE MORE MILE!  Mile thirteen, let’s do another half marathon ya’ll!!!  lol

So for anyone that’s doubting themselves.  Psh.  No worry chicken curry.  Erase the doubt, believe in yourself first before anything else.  Hell, if a whinny lazy gal like me can do it, ANYONE can.

For anyone else that doubts that anyone is capable of such an amazing transformation, keep calm and shut the fuck up.


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2 Responses to Losing weight isn’t supposed to be easy… but it’s also NOT impossible

  1. guahanmommy says:

    You mean you didn’t sell your soul to the devil, Koyu?! Thanks for writing and sharing again. Yes, dao, you are inspirational! You’re extra inspirational for being so honest with the process. Love you!

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