Hi my name is Koyu, and I can’t shut up about Crossfit

When my “Get Fit” journey started in 2011 I definitely did not imagine that Crossfit would be in the books for me.  I imagined spending weekends hiking, a couple of runs, and maybe some pilates.  I thought my diet would also be a consistent plathera of salads, tofu and fake meat.  I imagined that fit was delicate and thin.  The only accessories that I felt was required for an active lifestyle was a water bottle and a yoga mat.

Fast forward to 2013 my diet consists of avocados, eggs and coconut milk.    Accessories include wrist wraps, liquid chalk and knee high socks.  The only yoga pose I’m pretty sure I do is a cobra and handstand.  And my weekends are definitely spent doing high intensity workouts that barely include running.

I reveal all of this now after my 3rd half marathon.  I have done for the past year and a half a lot of races.  Some were awful.  Most were triumphant.  My last 10K was a personal best of 1:06.  Today’s half was at 2:36 – which last I checked, a whole hour PR.  I am floored.  I am floored on the crazy improvement in timing since last year September.  And from not running AT ALL.

Just Crossfit.  Eating paleo, lifting heavy, and Crossfit 2X a week.  I wonder what it would be like if I went to Crossfit more than twice a week….!  Yikes, I’m a little scared about that thought.

In a way, I feel very much at home at Crossfit East Oahu.  There aren’t any mirrors except for the ones in the bathrooms.  The only TVs display either Crossfit Games footage or the timer.  And everyone is amazing.  Whether it’s their first day at Crossfit or second year.  They are all amazing.  I feel very lucky to have found something that not only do I enjoy doing, but has made me absolutely love my body.

Physically I feel way more fit.  I have broken my addiction to the scale.  I went from weighing myself nearly every day to once a month.  I no longer obsess on whether something is paleo or not.  I still think about working out every day, every hour even in my sleep – but have now scaled to only working out four times a week instead of six days a week.  I feel strong. I feel like a machine.  I feel like a beast.  And I am elated that it’s only the beginning.

After a partner wod 2/14/13

After a partner wod 2/14/13

13.1 Crossfit wod w/Corey

13.1 Crossfit wod w/Corey

HPH group

Girl’s Day run with the CFEO ladies 03/13


Handstand in Lanikai post 10K run – felt awesome after my run’s PR

Warrior Dash CFEO

I Crossfit with these guys (the ones with abs) – Warrior Dash 2013

Warrior Dash Kanoe

CFEO idol – she is amazing. This is pre-Warrior Dash 2013

This is the NEW 13.1.  I did this wod twice.  First time was at 112 reps.  Second time I went up to 123 reps.

This is the NEW 13.1. I did this wod twice. First time was at 112 reps. Second time I went up to 123 reps.

CFEO Cristy

Cristy is amazing. I love wodding with her!


Back in 2012 I had no idea that these hands were only a taste of what was to come.

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