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I made 2011 my bitch

This year was a year of firsts.  First trip to Europe. First trip to Vegas.  First up Kokohead.  First time I’ve not felt ugly. First time I had to go more than three sizes down. I don’t just feel like … Continue reading

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Now a new problem… a “good” one

It’s easy for anyone to say but it’s nonetheless annoying. I have in my closet probably hundreds worth of clothing. When I first started working at my job, I had maybe one pair of good pants, a skirt and a … Continue reading

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Another goal down! Now for a new one

So last week Thursday was my last session with Lauren!  She didn’t kill me like the last time. Just did the usual box jumps, weight lifting and bosu crunches.  We also did measurements which I dread/look forward to.  I lost … Continue reading

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Sometimes working out just doesn’t do it

I must be really stressed this month at work. I mean having a vacation coming up should be celebratory.  Instead it’s dread. And worry. And fear. On top of worrying about charity pledges, potential hires passing background checks and whether … Continue reading

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Judgement is hard to hold

I feel a lot of times sort of guilty eating my lunch at work. I call it rabbit food – baby carrots, salad, veggie burger or a banana.  I tend to go all vegetarian about three times a week now… … Continue reading

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I came and I will conquer

Koko Head trail is probably one of the most challenging and rewarding hikes I’ve ever done.  Now I know I haven’t done many but I’ve done quite a few to compare.  I’ve done Aiea Loop, Jackass Pool, Nuuanu Flats, Manoa … Continue reading

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