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How to recognize progress when you feel “stuck”

Progress is a key motivating factor in all things goal oriented.  It’s why when we’re trying to get to work on time and we get stuck in unexpected traffic, we get mad.  Or when you’re eating like a baby rabbit … Continue reading

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There are no words!

Fitness is such a tough journey.  It is absolutely frustrating and confusing for anyone on the quest to be fit and healthy.  In order to “find myself”, I had to break myself down and experiment. I tried Pilates.  I tried … Continue reading

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Never kick a girl when she’s down… especially when that girl is you!

So I had an OBNOXIOUS birthday celebration.  When I say obnoxious, I mean ridiculous for someone my age.  Thirty-two thankyouverymuch.  I can’t tell if people are trying to be polite or sarcastic when they say I look good for my … Continue reading

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Losing weight isn’t supposed to be easy… but it’s also NOT impossible

I can’t believe I’m now at a place where people are asking ME for advice about food, health and fitness.  Like crazyballs!  What?! You want MY advice? You think I’m inspirational? #blushing Then of course you have the other side … Continue reading

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Hi my name is Koyu, and I can’t shut up about Crossfit

When my “Get Fit” journey started in 2011 I definitely did not imagine that Crossfit would be in the books for me.  I imagined spending weekends hiking, a couple of runs, and maybe some pilates.  I thought my diet would … Continue reading

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OMG have you been eating?… and other common questions

“Holy crap, have you been eating?” “OMG you’re so skinny now!” “What have you been eating?” “You lost a ton of weight didn’t  you!?” “You’re disappearing!” I guess now when I look at before and after pictures I see what … Continue reading

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

That could really apply to anything in life.  Every time I hear it, I think about health and fitness.  Of course since it’s New Year’s Day I want to of course recompile my list of things I want to work … Continue reading

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