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How to recognize progress when you feel “stuck”

Progress is a key motivating factor in all things goal oriented.  It’s why when we’re trying to get to work on time and we get stuck in unexpected traffic, we get mad.  Or when you’re eating like a baby rabbit … Continue reading

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Never kick a girl when she’s down… especially when that girl is you!

So I had an OBNOXIOUS birthday celebration.  When I say obnoxious, I mean ridiculous for someone my age.  Thirty-two thankyouverymuch.  I can’t tell if people are trying to be polite or sarcastic when they say I look good for my … Continue reading

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OMG have you been eating?… and other common questions

“Holy crap, have you been eating?” “OMG you’re so skinny now!” “What have you been eating?” “You lost a ton of weight didn’t  you!?” “You’re disappearing!” I guess now when I look at before and after pictures I see what … Continue reading

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

That could really apply to anything in life.  Every time I hear it, I think about health and fitness.  Of course since it’s New Year’s Day I want to of course recompile my list of things I want to work … Continue reading

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It’s only impossibe until it’s DONE!

If you told me this morning that today was the day I finally pulled off a handstand I definitely would not believe you! Ok so a handstand isn’t really a big deal considering everyone can do one!  Let me tell … Continue reading

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There are no miracle pills… unless you count fish oil pills

I’ve been getting so many comments lately about my eating, body/size, and fitness regime. People seem even more inquisitive when I say I eat a shitload of food, I don’t run miles every day, and best of all, I lift … Continue reading

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You are worth it – Your future self will thank you

Gosh if I could just travel back in time and tell myself how grateful I am. It’s been a year.  Maybe I’m off by a few days. But I remember it all started with Europe.  Taking tons of pictures and … Continue reading

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