If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

That could really apply to anything in life.  Every time I hear it, I think about health and fitness.  Of course since it’s New Year’s Day I want to of course recompile my list of things I want to work on this year.  I also like looking back at last year and see where the year has taken me.  There has been so many ups and down this year!  Ups were the races, Crossfit, the trips, and seeing friends and family.  The downs were stress at work, at home and with the health and passing of others.

As my list is still compiling, I wanted to share what I used this year to get me where I am today.

1) Good workout clothes.  It’s amazing what a good workout bra, compression pants, and a trucker hat can do for you.

2) A running belt.  I have three but use one that doesn’t have bottles attached to it.  That one I use everyday at the gym listening to music.  I hate having things hang on my arms especially if I’m running, rowing or lifting weights.

3) Nalgene 32 oz bottle.  I carry one everyday and refill it multiple times.  Just drink more water!

4) Tupperware and recyclable bags.  I carry lunch to work every day and it has saved me not only money but lots of wasted calories.

5) Properly fitted athletic shoes.  Not the ones you buy at a department discount store.  I’ve have a pair of Underarmour shoes for Crossfit and lifting, while my Brooks I use for my runs.  They have each lasted me at least a year.

6) Food log.  I used to use a small notebook and wrote on it religiously.  Then I started to slack off and forgot where my max weights were.  So now I use a weekly planner where I log my workouts, my food and my goal for the week.  I predict there will be some angry faces, smiley faces and hearts somewhere in there.

7) Motivation.  Find it.  You will need it every day. Maybe even multiple times a day.  I know I need it a lot.  Lately it’s been Instagram.  I’m inspired and motivated every day by other fitness fanatics who post their food, their workout and their progress pictures.

8) Accountability.  Whether that’s a personal trainer, a walking buddy, a running group or a Crossfit gym.  Do it.  You are more likely to be accountable for yourself if you have someone else that you need to show up for.  It worked for me.



05-2011 vs 12-2012

I guess if I have anything else to add I would say “have fun” and “don’t be afraid” but even I need to take my own advice.  I get scared easily and I only do “fun” things that I know I’ll be good at.  I hope this year to fear less and add more things to my “fun” list.  Cheers to you and your adventure in the new year!

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