OMG have you been eating?… and other common questions

“Holy crap, have you been eating?”

“OMG you’re so skinny now!”

“What have you been eating?”

“You lost a ton of weight didn’t  you!?”

“You’re disappearing!”

I guess now when I look at before and after pictures I see what they’re talking about.  To date I’ve lost 70 lbs. and 12 dress sizes. I still can’t believe what a year and a half has done.  Time has flown! But it has been forever – does that make sense!? I mean I look back I don’t feel like it took me forever to get here; but the sacrifices and push that got me here made it drag.

I can just tell you what I’ve been eating and doing as far as working out.  Most people after I tell them what I do are pretty quick to say “Oh I can’t do that” and “that’s it? no pills, no shakes, no fasting?”.  I’m going to begin by saying, what I did and am currently doing is not for everyone.  I don’t believe fitness regime are a one size fits all sort of deal.  I believe you should find what you love and give it all you got.  So without further delay here you go:

1) Eat Clean.  It is SO TRUE that it’s 80% diet.  People just talk about how they work out super hard so they can eat whatever the hell they want.  That’s why people are still fat. Sorry.  If you clean up your diet, you will see immediate results.  Well, in my case I did right away. If my “diet” had to have a name, it would be called paleo.  Paleo is simply eating  nutrient-dense food that excludes grains, legumes, dairy and sugar.  So no rice for this die-hard Asian.  When I do, it’s sushi baby!  And no cream and sugar so it’s black coffee and Americanos (most of the time).  Now I had my share of “meatless Mondays” of forking lettuce and dipping my fork in dressing. That was TORTURE.  I still can’t say that didn’t help me.  I love salads now. I get insanely excited at the produce section.  I eat veggies in every single meal I have.  If not, it’s primarily protein.  Minimal salt. And almost to none in sugar.  I don’t feel deprived or starved because every once in awhile I still “cheat”.  But even then it was always an easy bounce back to “clean” eating.

2) Train Insane.  Well that other 20% better not be spent on the gym floor Facebooking and “stretching”.  If you’re going to do a workout – whether that be Zumba, running, lifting, walking – OWN IT.  Make it your bitch! For crying out loud do it and do it like your life depends on it! And then, try something harder! I used to spend days begrudgingly dragging myself on the elliptical trainer, running on the treadmill, doing multiple arm curls with 5 pound dumb bells.  What a waste of valuable Koyu time!  Hey, that was all I knew back then!  And I’m sure for many, it’s still all they know. After getting a personal trainer, reading more online, and surrounding myself with more “fitspos” I now think about working out all the time. I still dread it! Come on! I’m not insane!  I still have to drag my ass to the gym! I still give my alarm dirty looks! I still have to give myself pep talks!  But I love Crossfit, lifting weights, and yes, even a run.  Whatever it is you do, PUSH.

3) Find your Daily Dose of Motivation.  It’s still Pinterest for me. And Tumblr. And now Instagram.  Daily dose of motivation comes from everyone! From a new athlete to a ultra-athlete I love following all of them!  From their food posts, their daily rants, to workout plans – I love it!  You should get on it too!

4) Dispel the MYTH.  Women shouldn’t lift heavy. The only way to lose weight is to do massive cardio.  Take ten pills (fill in said pills here) a day to supplement your diet.  Cleans with cucumbers and cayenne four five days.  Don’t eat past 6PM.  Eat five times a day. I mean, for real, do any of these sound logical? Never mind common sense – common sense is not common.  These were all things I used to believe in!  I followed them RELIGIOUSLY.  Until I found out for myself by just trying them.  I don’t know, maybe it’s the rebel in me.  But I lift so heavy I scare the shit out of my own self. The heavier I lifted, the faster I dropped weight and got leaner.  I take only Omega 3 fish oil – no multi-vitamins, water pills, green tea pills… shenanigans.  I do cleanses! It’s called “eat real food” cleanse where you don’t eat anything that came in a bag! I eat past 8PM nearly every night because I don’t even get home by 7PM and it takes a minute to cook something to eat!  I can’t possibly eat five meals a day. Are you kidding me? Do you have a job? I do, and trust me, if I could eat that many times before getting home it would happen.

5) Educate yourself.  And Question EVERYTHING.  Even fitness magazines are full of shit.  Hell, I had three different personal fitness trainers and they all told me different things about food!  Don’t take everything as truth.  Try it out, read about it, Google it, dispel it.  There is no other way to LEARN and LIVE a fit life.  Right?

Okay.  Don’t take everything I just told you.  I mean, results speak for themselves.  Here are my results. I’ll let you be the judge.


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4 Responses to OMG have you been eating?… and other common questions

  1. Brian says:

    I just took the time to look at your blog and it was very inspirational and motivational. It’s funny how I feel like I know you already. It must be some fit minds think alike thing. Great blog and thoughts. Keep up the the great work and thanks for meeting you through IG. Haha. Ciao!

    • Koyu says:

      Thanks Brian! Your IG feed is also a channel of motivation for myself and I’m sure many more! I know what you mean about how we kind of know each other!!

  2. pandabear macaroni says:

    This is a wonderful entry, Koyu. Confession: I’ve read it every day since you have posted it to stay motivated. This past year (since having the baby) has been a huge blow to my self esteem, and the usually vigorous work out routine I used to maintain before the baby seems so out of reach these days. It’s been a huge struggle to find my way back, but I’m working on it. Thank you for always sharing in a positive way. You make me want to do handstands! 😛 xoxo

    • Koyu says:

      I know you can do it! It was not that long ago you were taking Diva to Ala Moana Beach park and doing walking lunges!! That person is still you!!!

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